What is the vBox?

The vBox™ is a plug-and-play thin client that you plug to a screen monitor and remotely access your cloud server. The vBox software is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2, so if you already have a Raspberry Pi 2 you can download the latest vBox image. You can also buy a pre-installed vBox directly from us.

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  • Fully compatible with all V2 Cloud Desktops
  • Extremely light and portable
  • Compatible with any standard 1080p screen monitor
  • USB redirection (printers, storage devices, etc.)
  • Boot in less than 15 seconds
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    Why use the vBox?

    This low-cost device will replace your traditional computer as it never needs to be upgraded, no data is stored on it and no matter how powerful your cloud server is, the vBox will always be compatible with any V2 Cloud desktops. If you loose or break the device you won't loose any data as everything is in the cloud.

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