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V2 Cloud Partner Program

Here at V2 Cloud, we truly believe that together, we are stronger. This is why we have created our own partner program. Whether you’re a Manage service provider (MSP) or an Independent software vendor (ISV), we want to build a purposeful partnership with you so you can delight your customers. If you’re looking for IT services such as support, managed backups, network security, and more, you can connect directly with our partners here.

Get to Know Our Partner Initiative

The V2 Cloud Partner Program opens doors for our partners to explore new revenue opportunities, nurture existing client relationships, and venture into diverse markets.

With our cloud desktops, we empower partners including managed services providers, independent software vendors, affiliates, and more.

Enhance your service portfolio by referring to or reselling V2 Cloud’s cutting-edge cloud computing solutions.

Why Become a Partner?

Pre-Qualified Leads

Pre-qualified sales leads (not just names) from events, SEO, the press, and more.

Competitive Margins

Includes unique recurring revenue model for quick payout.

Free Training

No cost for product and market training – no barriers to entry

Dedicated Support

Count on dedicated assistance from V2 Cloud’s channel development, sales, marketing, and solutions engineering teams.

Benefits of V2 Cloud's Virtual Desktop

Ease of use



Deploy a new virtual server and operating system pre-installed with your business applications in a few clicks.

Scaling your infrastructure has never been that easy. Need more power? All it takes is a click of a button and it happens in minutes instead of hours. 

Get access to your business applications and your work desktop from anywhere in the world and never get limited from your hardware ever again. 

V2 Cloud Partner Advantages

Expand Your Market Reach

Cultivate long-term customer relationships by offering our VDI solutions. Meet the demands of customers in highly regulated industries with top-notch cloud-based security and compliance tools.

Increase Your Revenue and Profits

Seize the opportunity in the rapidly growing Desktop as a Service (DaaS) market and boost your revenue by purchasing licenses at a discounted price and making a profit from the reselling.

Dedicated Support

Count on dedicated assistance from V2 Cloud’s channel development, sales, marketing, and solutions engineering teams. Access training, tools, and collaborative marketing resources to ensure your ongoing success.

Leverage Our Expertise

Benefit from our specialized focus on cloud computing. Utilize our expertise, purpose-built infrastructure, and comprehensive solutions to enhance your competitiveness.

Tailored White Label Solutions

V2 Cloud offers fully managed, customized white-label solutions for each deployment. Maximize performance, enhance user experience, and boost customer satisfaction through our personalized approach.

Certified Reseller

Become a certified reseller to reassure your clients of the solutions’ quality and precedence. Bear V2 Cloud’s label as if it was your own!

Deploy Your Virtual Desktop in 4 Easy Steps with V2 Cloud

Get your Virtual Desktop up an running quickly:


Choose Your Plan

We offer tailored plans through which our customer success team can guide you.


Build Your Cloud PC

Just as when buying a laptop, choose how much memory and processing power you need.



Download the V2 Cloud Client software on your local computer to remotely connect with your cloud desktop.


Get Started

Log into your V2 Cloud portal and use your application as if you had it installed on your desktop.

Our team is available to answer any questions you might have around our Partners program.

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What V2 Cloud's customers are saying

I’ve been using V2 Cloud for over 2 years now, and it has been fantastic. Our productivity has increased as we can all work off the same server. I recommend V2 Cloud to any business in search of a secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud desktop solution…

Perm Persaud

Owner of Ark Accounting & Tax PC

As a small business with very few employees all the alternatives required minimum order commitment and exceeded our budget. V2 Cloud help us setup the machine we needed and also install our accounting software.

All our applications

Grow Into A V2 Cloud Partner

You can quickly become a V2 Cloud Partner. Learn more about how you can build a purposeful partnership with V2 Cloud so you can delight your customers.


Which Plan Fits your Business?

See the full list of features for each plan.

How Does V2 Cloud Compare To The Competition?

The world of application cloud hosting is complex. Lots of processes are required to set up your infrastructure. Extensive training, a team of experts, and thorough maintenance are needed to make everything run smoothly.

Discover how V2 Cloud app cloud hosting software is a strong and much simpler alternative to popular providers like AWS, Citrix, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Windows 365.

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