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Virtual Workspace

We host your virtual desktops and servers in the cloud so they are always optimal and accessible from anywhere.

customize your computer

Choose from a selection of pre-configured images or create your own images so you can spin new computers based on your image without having to re-install anything. You have total administrator control on your WorkSpace so you can install anything you want.

Multiple Users

Add up to 50 concurrent users per cloud server with configurable access level.

Share files

Install your own applications, share files between users, give access to employees and consultants.

easily accessible

Users can connect to cloud desktops from their web browser (no plugin required) or install a small client on their computer (Mac & Windows).

Remote Apps

Add remote apps and select which remote applications your users will have access to.

Plug-and-play thin client

Plug and play cloud terminal available. Simply connect the zero client to an HDMI screen monitor and this device will replace your traditional computer.

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How billing works?

You pay a fixed monthly price for the hardware of your cloud computer, plus an additional monthly fee for every additional user.

For example, according to the price chart, if you select a cloud computer with 2 processors and 4.0 GB of memory, it will cost $40/mo under the Basic plan. It will come with 1 user access and each additional user you add to the computer will be charged at $10/mo.

Please note that a cloud computer holding 4 users will consume more than a computer with 1 user. You will need to upgrade the hardware if you add more users and you should always stay within the range indicated in the pricing chart to avoid any slowness.