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Browse Snapshot Files & Automated Invoices

March 04, 2022

New Features: Browse Snapshot Files & Automated Invoices 💻

In 2021, we brought you a new dashboard and lots of security improvements. In 2022, our focus is more security and IT automation 🙌

We want to make sure you can accomplish your best work by eliminating redundant tasks.

Alright, let’s tear up our resolution list and dig in this product update! 🎉

There’s a better way to recover lost files

Product updates

In the past, if you wanted to recover files from a snapshot, you needed to attach a disk, which was long and cumbersome. Well, that’s not the case anymore because we just released the option to browse directly your files in the snapshots!

  • You can navigate on the sub-menu as you would on Windows and download the needed files directly on your browser. It takes only a minute (Yeah, we timed it ⏱)
  • You can create a sharable link with a multitude of restrictions to send files to your colleagues. By default, there’s a 24H timespan on the link and you can “password-protect” it. Ain’t that fun?
  • You can still access everything even if the computer is down or not reachable. Plus, those snapshots are stored in another data center so if something happens to your data center, nothing is lost. Yeah, security! 🔒

Automatic invoices, password sync & Windows 11

  • A long-awaited feature is now available. You can receive invoices directly in your inbox. The process is automatic based on your billing cycle. Simply go to the Invoices tab and add your email recipients.
  • It’s now possible to sync the OS password with the V2 password for when your end-users are resetting their password. You can do it in the Preferences tab.
  • New Year = New Template! 🎉You can create new computers with Windows 11 Multi-users (based on Windows Server 2022)

Best IT Infrastructure Products of 2022? We’re On It!

Browse Snapshot Files

V2 Cloud made the G2 Best Software for 2022 List!

We rank #20 on G2’s Top 50 Best IT Infrastructure Products of 2022

This milestone wouldn’t have been achieved without our customers.

Thank you so much for giving us honest feedback and motivating us to make sure you folks are happy.


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