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SSO Desktop App & IP Whitelist

December 14, 2021

SSO Desktop App & IP Whitelist

product update

Christmas is already around the corner and we’re excited to catch up with you one last time before 2022. Our last releases are based on the feedback you gave us so it’s always appreciated.

So grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, get comfortable and let’s dig in this new product update ☕????

Desktop App SSO + Session Timeout = ????

Desktop App SSO Session

  • Single Sign-On is now supported on our Desktop App.
  • You can “whitelist” a list of IP addresses(IPV4 & IPV6). You can prevent attacks on public IP and approve logins only from specific IPs.
  • If a session is being inactive for too long, it will automatically log out after 12 hours.
  • If you’re logging out from the browser, it will automatically log you out from the desktop and vice-versa.

P.S. Following the aftermath of log4j, we want to disclaim that no V2 Cloud software is known to be affected by the CVE-2021-44228 log4j vulnerability as we do not employ Java in any of the Software produced here at this time.

Do More With Less

V2 Cloud Dashboard

  • The Console view is accessible through the dashboard. You can see the state of your computer when rebooting like a physical machine.
  • You can give specific access to apps by default to domain users with AD.
  • The Share View option can now be disabled.

We’re Taking a Quick Break!

Christmas is approaching and for the occasion, the V2 Cloud team will celebrate with a virtual Xmas party. Why are we telling you this?

  • To tell you that we’re going to have loads of fun ????
  • To advise you that on December 17th, we’re not going to be available after 3 pm EST

We want to make sure that everyone is having a great time, so that means closing the shop early. But don’t worry, we will be available at 9 am EST on December 18th!

However, if you have any problem with your cloud computer, you can solve a lot of issues by simply rebooting it. More info about troubleshooting here.

If you have any questions regarding this situation, contact us directly via Intercom.

v2 cloud team

Have a great holiday season and see you in 2022! ????????

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