Updated Drive and Clipboard Redirection Settings per Virtual Computer - V2 Cloud

Updated Drive and Clipboard Redirection Settings per Virtual Computer

March 22, 2024

Updates (Drive and Clipboard Redirection Settings per Virtual Computer)

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Team V2 Cloud is buzzing with excitement to announce more of the brilliant updates we’ve lined up for you this month. Our dedication has never wavered, and we’re eager to show off the strides we’ve taken.

Without further delay, here are the additional updates we’re sure will capture your interest.

Updated Drive and Clipboard Redirection Settings per Virtual Computer

Updated Drive and Clipboard Redirection Settings per Virtual Computer

Users now have the ability to independently enable or disable bi-directional file transfer and copy-paste functionality on a per-virtual-computer basis. This grants control over file transfers from their local machine to the virtual computer and the copy-pasting of text/images.

  • Users can independently toggle file transfer and copy-paste functionality.
  • After toggling Drive or Clipboard redirection, users must click “Save Changes” to apply the update.


Contact Information Modal:

Contact Information Modal:

  • After 30 days of product use, users will encounter a new modal prompting them to update or confirm their current information. This feature is intended to ensure that users receive relevant updates regarding their accounts and virtual computers.

Allow Addition of Multiple Users within a Single User Virtual Computer:

Current Implementation of New User Addition

Current Implementation

Improved Implementation of New User Addition

Improved Implementation

  • In response to shift work requirements for organizations, the 2 managed user limit per single user virtual computers has been removed.
  • Please note: only one user can log into the virtual computer at any given time.

Updated “Resize Disk” modal:

Current Implementation - “Resize Disk” modal

Current Implementation – Resize Disk modal

Improved Implementation - “Resize Disk” modal

Improved Implementation – Resize Disk modal

  • Enhanced Resize Disk modal to provide users with more relevant information:
    • Inclusion of total monthly/yearly price for the additional storage
    • Addition of backup retention price for Business Plan virtual computers
    • Introduction of a streamlined slider interface
    • Display of current storage capacity and additional storage details

Updated Cancel Virtual Computer Flow:

Updated Cancel Virtual Computer Flow

Cancellation flow has been more clearly labelled

  • To minimize client confusion during the cancellation of virtual computers, the cancellation flow has been more clearly labelled.

Bug Fixes

Issue: When cancelling a virtual computer within the trial period, a distinct cancellation process is followed. If the trial has less than 24 hours remaining, the cancellation modal will display the standard cancellation flow typical of a non-trialled computer.

Fix: The cancellation modal for trial virtual computers will be present throughout the entire trial period.

Issue: When the V2 Cloud dashboard is white-labelled with only the Admin having access to V2 Live Help, any newly added white-labelled managed user would also gain access to V2 Live Help services.

Fix: Newly created managed users, if they are white-labelled, no longer have access to live help services.

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