New Dashboard, AzureAD & Return of the Basic Plan

July 02, 2019

On July 5th, 2019, we launched our new dashboard.

We changed a few things. Here are the major updates:

• We are adding Azure AD / Office365 and Windows Server AD (Active Directory) integration;

• We are bringing back the Basic plan. The significant differences are the price reduction, the number of Snapshots available, if they are automated or not, and the quality of the Antivirus;

• We created a new feature where you can use your existing VM as a template for your new VM’s without having to convert the latter to an actual template;

• We are giving you the ability to add user access without consuming another desktop license, and you can also export the list of users in a CSV file;

• We rebuilt, upgraded and secured our Mac OS application;

• We included MalwareBytes in the Business plan;

• You will also enjoy speed improvements of the user status and the share-view.

And finally, you probably saw that our website has changed. We added a tutorials list, a help center section, and we made it faster.

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