New Web App & GPU Testing - V2 Cloud

New Web App & GPU Testing

December 04, 2020

New Web App & GPU Testing

Web App GPU

Our new web app is live!

However, we need to switch you first. Simply write us on Intercom and we’ll implement the new web app to your cloud computers. The process is seamless and won’t affect your business continuity. Here’s why it’s way better:

Desktop Management Made Easy

You can switch from one virtual machine to another and see your active connections. A better design for an improved collaboration.

Cross-Platform Experience

It’s now possible to switch from desktop to browser(and vice-versa) with the click of a button.

V2 Cloud; Now With GPUs

Cloud Now

Oh Yeah!

We’re deploying graphics processing units (GPU) on our cloud computers in the US.

Now available as an add-on, GPU starts at $20 per month with your current plan.

You can try it now by contacting our support team!

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