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We host and monitor your Cloud WorkSpaces so they are always online and optimal. Employees access workspaces remotely from their own devices and you can monitor from your administrative dashboard.

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No more IT headaches

We take care of firewalls, backups, hardware and software upgrades. You don't have to worry about IT anymore.

Business department isolation

Create one WorkSpace per department (e.g. Accounting, Payroll, etc.) and add multiple users inside each workspaces. Employees inside a WorkSpace can easily share files and applications.

User & Application Access Management

Easily manage who has access and to what applications in your workspaces. Set user priviliges, change passwords, block accounts, monitor who is online, who logged in and when.

Securely delivered & backed-up

WorkSpaces are accessbile using any devices and all communications are encrypted. Everything is daily backed up and we monitor all the hardware in the background so your workspaces are always running and optimal.

What is the vBox?

Simply connect the thin client to a screen monitor and the user will be directly connected to the Cloud WorkSpace. You can register the thin client from your administrative dashboard to remotely control it.

Fanatical technical support

This is what makes us different. Get help in seconds, not days. Fast email support, live online chat and emergency phone support. We'll never let you down.

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