Discover the tailored solutions supported by the simplest cloud desktop

For Business Owners Who want to enable employees to work from home on their own devices without compromising security

For IT Managers Looking to move their desktop infrastructure to the Cloud, cut VDI costs and simplify IT management

For Managed Service Providers Looking to add a cost effective, high margin virtual desktop offering to their Cloud service portfolio

Virtualization Solutions Create virtual desktops, servers, and applications to improve productivity and significantly reduce your IT costs.

For Independent Software Vendors Wanting a Cloud version of their on-premise application without breaking the bank and deep IT expertise

Desktop Virtualization Access desktops and business applications from anywhere on any device

Desktop as a Service Empower your hybrid workforce with a fully integrated Desktop as a Service solution

Digital Workspace Bring office dynamics into the virtual realm with Digital Workspaces

Cloud VDI Solution Smooth transition with our BYOD model to your work from home users.

Remote Access Solution Enable your remote workers to securely access IT resources without sacrificing end-user experience and performance

Windows Cloud Server Ditch your old on-prem server by moving to the cloud. Scale your cloud hosted Windows server to fit the performance you need.

Remote Work Solutions Virtual desktops deliver a powerful remote desktop experience to employees using just a web browser.

Server Virtualization Software Allocating your server resources among virtual machines for workload optimization by using V2 Cloud’s server virtualization software

VDI for Call Centers Simplify IT maintenance, save money, and empower call center employees with scalable virtual desktop solutions.

VDI for Engineering Simplify IT maintenance, save money, and empower engineering employees with scalable virtual desktop solutions.