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Smooth transition with our BYOD model to your work from home users.

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Looking for a VDI provider to move your desktop infrastructure to the Cloud, cut VDI costs and simplify IT management?

Providing a highly reliable and flexible cloud VDI solution to your users to replace your aging VDI farm will reduce your costs and free up your IT staff. Our BYOD model allows a seamless transition for your Work From Home users without compromising security.

With V2 Cloud’s VDI solutions, you will:

Enable employees to work from home while maintaining your high security requirements

Replace your costly infrastructure with cost efficient, secure and reliable Cloud VDI solutions

Cloud VDI software allows your users to work in a similar environment with our BYOD model


If you are facing some of these challenges,

V2 Cloud’s virtual desktop infrastructure solution can help:

  • You want to enable your users to work from home on their personal devices while keeping your security standards and adding a cross platform compatibility.
  • You want to stop paying your existing VDI provider for an expensive and slow VDI farm and get rid of the overpriced licenses.
  • Your hardware is aging and you are wondering whether you should move 100% to the cloud VDI system instead of buying new hardware.
  • You are looking for a more reliable and less expensive solution than shipping laptops to your users.

Cloud VDI is the solution!

With V2 Cloud, you can:

  • Give your customers a browser-based Cloud desktop experience while using your SSO provider for additional security (Okta, OneLogin, Azure SSO, etc).
  • Get rid of your VDI licenses and use your Microsoft 365 E3, E5 or Business Premium (includes Apps for enterprise) subscription to activate a Windows 10 Enterprise instance.
  • Use VDI software to provide a restricted Cloud desktop access to contractors secured with MFA
  • Easily support your remote users from our VDI solution dashboard without the need of additional remote access software.
  • Never buy a laptop or computers again and reduce your capital expenditures.
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Windows CALs and SQL Licensing for VDI

V2 Cloud provides Windows, CALs and even SQL licensing if needed. Our cloud VDI solution makes it easy, simple and straightforward for your user to be up to date with valid licences.

Data Security Is Our Priority

Your company’s confidentiality is extremely important. We work with you to meet your high security requirements and provide you with off-site backups.

There will be no need to manage your antivirus and firewall, V2 Cloud’s VDI software automatically takes this task off your hands. This will allow your IT teams to focus their energy on important tickets.


Unlimited Technical Support 7 Days A Week

V2 Cloud technical support team prides themselves with top notch fast service. We support your IT team 7 days a week by online chat, email and phone to solve any issues you have with our VDI software. We help you so you can provide seamless service to your users. All free of charge.


Better Reliability

V2 Cloud monitors your Cloud VDI 24/7 to guarantee a 99.95% Cloud availability. Our team of engineers get alerted when there is an issue so your users can work without interruption.

Higher Performance VDI

Your users will experience a smooth and striking fast cloud experience without buying any new hardware. Offer all the speed your users are used to from our enterprise grade hardware in our Tier III data centers.


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"V2 Cloud allows SMBs to provide their employees with the ability to work from anywhere, and in a very secure way. Each client has its own server, completely isolated from all other clients in their infrastructure. There is no possibility that a customer victim of a cyber attack infects other customers." (Translated from French)

Jacques Sauvé
CEO Trilogiam

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25,000 users work better with us.

“Easy to use for Small Accounting Business”

As a small business with very few employees all the alternatives required minimum order commitment and exceeded our budget. V2 Cloud help us setup the machine we needed and also install our accounting software.

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"Great Solution with Top Notch Support"

V2 Cloud was easy to setup for all of our users and the support team was immediately available to assist with any questions during and after setup.The product has been working without any flaws.

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Deploy cloud-based VDI solution for your employees, students or clients within 20 minutes.


What is VDI?

A VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and is a type of desktop virtualization technology capable of distributing a virtualized desktop environment from a remote server to the user’s endpoint devices over the network. In other words, VDI hosts Virtual Machines (VMs) running virtualized desktop environments from a centralized infrastructure (i.e., a data center) and deploys these VMs to end-users over the internet. By running Virtual Machines (VMs) to provide and manage virtual desktops, VDI allows organizations or end-users to access virtualized applications and services from anywhere, anytime, and from any devices, including affordable thin clients and mobile devices.

How does a VDI work?

To understand how VDI works, there are 3 main data center components of a VDI architecture you must know.

  • Virtualization: the creation of a virtual desktop, operating system (OS), storage, server, or application(s) that behaves just like its physical counterpart.
  • Hypervisor: also known as Virtual Machine Monitor, hypervisor is a thin layer of software that divides a physical system (i.e., a desktop computer) into many different virtual environments, known as Virtual Machines (VMs.) Simply put, a hypervisor allows one host computer to virtually share its resources to support multiple guest VMs.
  • Connection broker: is a software solution acting as a resource manager and is responsible for managing a pool of connections. In the case of a VDI solution, the connection broker is responsible for finding a virtual desktop resource within the available resource pool and distributing it to end clients.

These three components work together, allowing end-users to connect to a remote virtual desktop through any device or location. V2 Cloud’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) model of VDI solution allows users to remotely access their work desktops without being in the office while ensuring data security and integrity.

Is V2 Cloud’s VDI a good solution for my business?

V2 Cloud offers a secure and reliable VDI software, ideal for facilitating your remote workers to work from home or other locations. Below are some of the most important benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system provided by V2 Cloud:

  • Cost savings. V2 Cloud’s VDI solution can help your business save more money in the long run by eliminating physical hardware resources. You can reduce or totally eliminate costs otherwise associated with investments in physical hardware and large areas of space required for storing and installing these physical resources.
  • Scalability and accessibility. Utilizing a VDI provider allows your business to have a scalable infrastructure that you can upscale or downscale as you see fit (i.e., when you hire or fire a new remote employee.) V2 Cloud’s VDI solution applies the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, which allows end-users to use their own devices, even affordable thin clients, to access applications, files, or cloud services from any location with a fast and reliable cloud experience.
  • Advanced data security: V2 Cloud’s VDI software offers high-end data security features by storing users’ data in a secure cloud environment. Users can access their data anytime and from anywhere, even when they don’t have access to their end devices. V2 Cloud’s VDI solutions also include backup and recovery services, performing an automatic full backup of the user’s virtual machine each day. There are also other security features offered by V2 Cloud, including but not limited to UFW firewalls for every virtual machine, encrypted connection, and antivirus real-time protection.
Is VDI the same as RDS?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) and Remote Desktop Services(RDS) provide very similar functionality. However, they are not exactly the same.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a Microsoft technology that allows users to access their desktop environment and applications from any device or location. With RDS, you can use your laptop, phone, or tablet to work on your desktop computer’s applications and files as if sitting in front of the machine itself. Being a Microsoft solution, RDS is limited only to Windows Server.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a type of desktop virtualization that allows users to remotely access their desktops and applications. VDI provides a user with a “virtual desktop” hosted on a remote server. The user can access their virtual desktop from any device with an internet connection, making it an ideal solution for users who need to access their desktops from multiple locations. Unlike RDS, VDI system is not limited to windows or single application infrastructure.

Another key difference between the two is that in RDS, users access a single virtual desktop (shared) that is not personalized, while in VDI solution, each user receives their own virtual desktop. Meaning, RDS is more suitable for businesses in which multiple users need to access the same application or applications every day.

RDS is simpler and easier to implement and is also more affordable. VDI, on the other hand, is more versatile, and you’ll get more freedom in personalization despite its higher costs.  At V2 Cloud, we provide secure, cost-effective, and high-quality VDI cloud services for small businesses.

What is the difference between VDI and VM?

A virtual machine (VM) is the virtualization of a computer system, enabling end-users to run a virtualized instance of a computer that can perform the same functions as a physical computer (run applications, etc.) within another OS.

VMs are created by a thin layer of software called a hypervisor, which is responsible for dividing a physical computer into many different Virtual Machines (VMs) and relocating resources from the physical hardware to virtual machines. 

A VDI server runs VMs to provide and manage virtual desktops, allowing end-users to access their virtual desktops and virtualized applications remotely.

To summarize, VM powers VDI.

How do I access VDI on my laptop?

Setting up and accessing virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI) is easy. Here are the following steps:

1- Assessment. The first step to setting up a hosted cloud VDI is understanding what you need or what is the scope of your project. V2 Cloud as one of the best VDI providers offers tailored plans based on the number of users, computing resources, and security level.

2- Setting up. Once you have determined appropriate resources for your need, you can use our V2 Cloud VDI solution and follow its instructions to set up your VDI within 20 minutes. You can easily find the configuration setting from the “manage computer” interface, and you can configure your VDI system such as adding users/applications, upgrading plans, setting storage, etc. Now, your VDI is ready to use.

3- Installing applications. You can install the application on any device or platform as needed. Your team will have access to everything you set up when they access their VDI. 

4- Run your VDI. You can log into V2 Cloud’s VDI software through a browser or desktop and manage everything via an intuitive management console. If you have more questions or problems about setting up or accessing virtual desktop infrastructure, please contact our support team.

Which VDI solution is the best?

When shopping for a VDI solution, you should consider several different factors according to your needs, such as ease of setup, quality of support, security features, hosting functionality, OS compatibility, and maintenance/management needs.

According to G2, the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace where people can discover, review, and purchase software solutions, V2 Cloud is on the list of top 5 providers for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

V2 Cloud as a reliable cloud-based VDI solution provider, can help your organization by creating and managing virtual desktops, applications, and servers to significantly reduce your IT costs and boost productivity. V2 Cloud makes it incredibly easy to set up your VDI system in 20 minutes, even without any in-depth training, experience, or certifications.

What is VDI software?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software is a type of desktop virtualization software that allows users to remotely access their desktops and applications.

VDI provides a user with a “virtual desktop” hosted on a remote server and deploys them to end clients over a network.

There are a lot of VDI cloud providers available in the market, such as Amazon Workspaces, Microsoft Azure, Citrix Workspace, and V2 Cloud. On the other hand, your virtual environment might be ineffective or non-functional if you are not using the right VDI solution.

At V2 Cloud, we designed our VDI software solution to focus on speed and simplicity. With V2 Cloud, people can buy an integrated virtualization solution with a straightforward pricing model. We ensure high availability, reliable performance, and secure access for your business. We also have a multi-user option on our cloud computing services.