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Digital Workspace Solution

Bring office dynamics into the virtual realm with Digital Workspaces in the cloud.

Digital Workspace Solution

Benefits of Digital Workspaces

Digital workspaces are a critical component of remote and hybrid work. They bring into the digital realm many real-world dynamics that have so far been exclusive to office spaces. These can be asynchronous communications, real-time document collaboration, whiteboards, and project management boards.

Access to a Global Workforce

Rather than having a limited base pool of talent based on a single location, a digital workspace solution can bring together minds from all over the world.

Full Audit Trails

Every event in the digital space leaves its own time-stamped footprint. This ensures all actions are recorded such that we can always look back on what happened, and provide evidence where required.

Operational Continuity

Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, a digital workspace boasts >99% uptime and can be accessed from any device and any place.

How DaaS Compares to Other Digital Workspace Solution

Desktop-as-a-Service Physical Workspace Traditional VDI VPN Standalone Applications

Fully-integrated cloud desktop service hosted by a third-party The good old fashioned office with on-premise model infrastructure A centrally managed cloud-based work environment Secure communications channel for remote access Standalone applications used on an ad-hoc basis


DaaS contains a suite of applications to encourage worker collaboration and seamless remote work


Physical workspaces accommodate almost all types of business activities


VDI solutions run images with full application suites


Many use cases may not be available due to the limited application features


Offer secure channels, but applications must be hosted and ran independently


Digital Workspace solutions can be deployed without upfront investment and easily scaled on-demand with pay-as-you-go model


Renting and maintaining spaces comes at a premium cost


Traditional VDI typically requires deployment and maintenance of sophisticated server setups


Without a clear strategy, costs of standalone apps may pile on top of each other


VPNs vary widely in price depending on vendors and are a cost added on top of the business applications


Secure communication channels and adequate access controls ensure enterprise-grade security


Unauthorized personnel and printed documents are security liabilities


VDI environments can only be accessed by users with adequate credentials and authorizations


Despite a lack of integrations, each application has its own access control modules


VPNs extend corporate networks to the end user, encrypting traffic on the public internet


Accessible from any location and any device, DaaS are highly efficient digital workspace solutions


Collaboration comes naturally in a physical workspace, but is inefficient in terms of tracking and logging


VDI solutions can be accessed from anywhere and from any device


Collaboration in a digital environment without application integrations is difficult and time consuming


Without an end-to-end solution, the security benefits of a VPN do not deliver an efficient remote working experience

Required Maintenance

Maintenance typically carried out by digital solution provider


Property and physical device maintenance are expensive


Image lifecycle and support offered by solution provider


Each application must be maintained and updated individually


Solution providers offers ongoing support

Why Choose V2 Cloud as a Digital Workspace Provider?

  • Enhanced security: Integrated security modules, such as MFA and SSO, proactive monitoring, and compliance with security standards.
  • Flat-rate pricing: Our pricing is transparent and fixed on a monthly basis with no minimum order, no hidden fees, and no contract.
  • High performance: Our virtualization company offers the best experience to users with enterprise-class server hardware and minimal latency.
  • Unlimited technical support: We help our troubled users within minutes, responding to their requests by online chat, email, and phone. All are free of charge.

Deploy Your Virtual Desktop in 4 Easy Steps with V2 Cloud

Get your virtualized environment up an running quickly:


Choose Your Plan

We offer tailored plans through which our customer success team can guide you.


Build Your Cloud PC

Just as when buying a laptop, choose how much memory and processing power you need.



Download the V2 Cloud Client software on your local computer to remotely connect with your cloud desktop.


Get Started

Log into your V2 Cloud portal and use your application as if you had it installed on your desktop.


Which Plan Fits your Business?

See the full list of features for each plan.

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What V2 Cloud's customers are saying

I’ve been using V2 Cloud for over 2 years now, and it has been fantastic. Our productivity has increased as we can all work off the same server. I recommend V2 Cloud to any business in search of a secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud desktop solution…

Perm Persaud

Owner of Ark Accounting & Tax PC

As a small business with very few employees all the alternatives required minimum order commitment and exceeded our budget. V2 Cloud help us setup the machine we needed and also install our accounting software.


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Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based virtual version of things whether that be computing, storage, networking, servers, or applications that behave just like their physical functionality. In other words, virtualization technology is the method of creating multiple virtual environments within a single physical system, and these virtual environments are all using the hardware of the single physical environment.

This virtualization technology is achieved by using a thin layer of software called a hypervisor. Hypervisor is a software that creates the actual virtualization effect. It allows us to divide a physical system into many different and separated virtual environments, known as virtual machines. The hypervisor allocates RAM, storage, and CPU power to each virtual machine as needed for more efficient hardware utilization. Virtualization solutions enable the company to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server to boost work efficiency, agility, and security.

Businesses opt for VM (virtual machine) solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Traditional hardware typically supports only one operating system, leading to underutilization. VM solutions allow multiple systems and applications to run on a single server, streamlining operations and maintenance expenses. This approach also frees businesses from the constraints of physical infrastructure, facilitating scalability and workload management.

Virtual machine (VM) software facilitates the creation and management of VMs on physical servers, enabling server and desktop virtualization among others. Prominent providers include Citrix, Amazon, VMware Horizon, and V2 Cloud. Selecting the right VM software is crucial for operational effectiveness. V2 Cloud offers VM software designed for speed and simplicity, with transparent pricing and a multi-user cloud computing option, ensuring reliable and secure service for businesses.

The pricing for a virtualization solution starts at $35 USD per user, contingent on chosen configurations such as CPU, RAM, and storage capacity. Bulk license agreements may qualify for customized pricing. For more information, visit our pricing page or contact us directly.

The first step to setting up a virtual machine is understanding what you need like how many virtual systems you will run. Hard drive space limits the number of virtual machines you can set up, and each virtual machine will need RAM and CPU. Next, once you have determined physical hardware with appropriate resources, you are able to use our V2 Cloud virtualization solution and follow its instructions to set up a virtual machine. Now you have set up a virtual machine, how to configure your virtual machine? You can easily find the configuration setting from the “manage computer” interface, and you can configure your virtual machine such as adding users/applications, upgrading plans, setting storage, etc. If you have more questions or problems about setting up or configuring a virtual machine server, please contact our support team.

Advantages of Virtualization

  • Cost Reduction: Saves on physical hardware and space.
  • Enhanced Security: Data is stored securely in the cloud with regular backups.
  • Scalability: Easy to adjust resources based on demand.

Disadvantages of Virtualization

  • Data Risk: Potential security vulnerabilities if not using a robust solution. V2 Cloud address this with comprehensive security features
  • Initial Setup Cost: Software licensing and server setup costs can be high, though V2 Cloud provides a competitive starting price.

Selecting the best virtualization solution depends on your specific business needs. Desktop virtualization, for example, involves moving from physical desktops to virtual ones managed remotely, which can reduce IT expenses and enhance productivity. Providers like V2 Cloud offer services that enable the quick setup of virtual environments, without extensive training, tailoring solutions such as virtual desktops, applications, and servers to your requirements.

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