Ransomware Data Recovery

Being hit by ransomware can do a lot of collateral damage to your business. That’s why you need to be able to recover quickly. At V2 Cloud, ransomware data recovery is one of our specialties.

Every company should have an antivirus against ransomware to help prevent this kind of cyberattack.

Even though we cannot help you if you recently have been a victim of ransomware, V2 Cloud can show you the ultimate way to protect your company in the future. Therefore, you’ll be able to recover your data after a ransomware attack.

Laptop showing a ransomware virus and recover data

Your Workforce Protected

Book a quick demo with us to discover V2 Cloud.

Analyze the needs of your customers for this solution.

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No Upfront Cost or Commitment You don’t have to commit to us. Hop on a demo, discover V2 Cloud in a few minutes, and start paying for what you are using. And don’t worry, we support every Windows published application.

No Coding Required with V2 Cloud Programming a cloud version of your windows application takes time, and it’s pricey. Our product virtualizes and renders your software directly into your customer browser. No installation needed.

Simple Process and Full-Support You are only minutes away from your cloud version. Our process is simple and if you have any technical questions, our support team is ready to help you build seamless access to your software.

Benefits of V2 Cloud

Laptop screen showing a windows published app of Photoshop

Automatic Backups

With our cloud computers, your data can be recovered easily and quickly in the event of a human mistake, local disaster, or cyber-attack. Get your files back in minutes.

Fanatical Technical Support

Fast email support, live online chat, and emergency phone support are at your disposal in case of a data disaster. Don’t wait and let us help you.

Laptop screen showing a windows published app of Photoshop
Laptop screen showing a windows published app of Photoshop

Encrypted Data

All communications are encrypted to keep your cloud desktop protected. With our ransomware protection, your system can be restored quickly so you can return to work immediately.

File system snapshot

Looking to protect your data? With our file system snapshot solution, you don’t have to worry about malware anymore. With the click on a button, get everything backed up in a few minutes if you are a victim from a cyber-attack.

Make sure you never suffer from malware & viruses anymore. With our ransomware data recovery solution, we take daily backup snapshots of your cloud desktop to switch back your data in minutes. Ransomware attacks are now things of the past with V2 Cloud.

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