Virtual Management Software

Virtual machines(VM) are increasingly becoming the go-to resource for companies that are moving their operations into the cloud. From small outfits with a handful of employees to multinationals, VMs are offering a strategic advantage over conventional machines.

When the number of machines in an organization becomes too many, it becomes challenging to manage each cloud desktop individually. Virtual management software can plug this gap and help you efficiently manage dozens to hundreds of VMs.

What is Virtual Management Software?

Manage virtual assets in no time

Virtual management software, also called virtualization management software, is a set of tools used to manage virtualized assets. Virtualized assets may include desktop virtualization, hardware virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization.

Control virtual instances in bulk

In cases where there are multiple virtualization instances, it makes more sense to manage all the assets from one point compared to managing each asset individually. For example, if you have fifty virtual machines, it will take you too much time to manage each independently. Virtual management software helps you manage all fifty machines together.

What Can You Do With
Virtual Management Software?


Virtualization provisioning is the process of setting up virtualization instances of the assets you need. For example, individually creating fifty cloud desktops may take you a whole day. However, virtualization management software helps you provision all machines, including storage requirements, apps, and so on, all at once. You can create several instances with one click, saving you time.


Virtualization management software can also help you integrate and enforce compliance policies across your network. For example, you can push out a policy that requires users to change their passwords every month. Since the policy is managed in one place, you can see all non-compliant and push out remedial measures like locking the account until the password is changed.


Monitoring your VMs becomes easy with virtualization management software. On the dashboard, you can curate different views depending on the data you want to see. For example, you can see all the space requirements for your machines in one place. You can see which apps are used by which machines. You can even monitor login-logout actions as part of enforcing your HR policies.


Operational actions can also be taken from the management software dashboard. These may include activities like keeping track of IT inventory, tracking machine usage, projecting future requirements, and creating provisioning matrices for new resources. Since virtual management software can handle multiple operational tasks, the data that streams in can help support IT-related decisions.

Access Control

V2 Cloud computers come with full admin control and visibility of your entire infrastructure of cloud desktops. With this feature, you can access, manage, and troubleshoot any desktop on your network without needing permissions from individual remote employees.

Global Access

Our global data centers come in handy when you need to manage talents in other countries. Our plan comes with global teleportation so you can set up and deploy your multi-users cloud desktops on any data centers worldwide.

V2 Cloud Virtual Management Software

V2 Cloud virtual machines are compatible with virtualization management software. We offer an inbuilt solution that makes it easy for you to manage all your VMs from one place. If you have multiple internal VMs or manage multiple client VMs, virtual machine management software makes it significantly easier to administer your services. V2 Cloud virtualization software works for as few as two machines up to hundreds of virtual machines.

The Best Tool For MSP’s

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Large-Network Management

Large-network management is the core function of any virtualization management software. If you run tens or even hundreds of virtual machines within the V2 Cloud environment, the software makes it easy to take actions that propagate across the entire network.

Multi-machine Software Installations/Upgrades

Installing/uninstalling software one machine at a time can be time-consuming and an inefficient way of working. With virtualization management software, you can quickly run install/uninstall commands and push them to the entire network.

Global App Management

In scenarios where there are dozens of machines all running different apps, it can get hard to manage all the apps effectively. Virtual management software allows you to turn apps on/off for individual machines or clusters, right from your admin dashboard. You can manage your customers’ IT more efficiently.

Network-wide License Management

License management is one of the most challenging things about IT management. When you have dozens of VMs, you need to stay on top of all your licenses. Virtualization management software gives you the tools to maintain visibility of all your licenses, and administer them either at a machine, cluster, or network level.

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Why We’re Better

Virtual machine management made simple for you and your customers.

Simple Admin Dashboard

V2 Cloud virtual management software comes with a simple and intuitive dashboard. The dashboard makes it easy to see all the critical data you need all in one place. You can also execute actions right from the admin dashboard.

Granular Resource Allocation

Zoom out to see the global performance of your virtual assets or zoom in for a more granular view of asset utilization. From the virtual management software dashboard, you can easily see which resources need to be scaled up or scaled-down.


With virtual management software, one IT personnel can manage tens of VMs easily. This consolidation helps reduce the resources needed to maintain an ever-expanding virtual machine ecosystem.

Resource Forecasting

Virtual management software comes with easy forecasting tools that can help you with capacity planning. Forecasts are especially useful in helping you know when to provision new machines and what resources each machine should have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is virtual management software a standard V2 Cloud feature?

Yes, it is. We are offering a fully-integrated solution and a cornerstone of our product is straight-forward virtual management of our cloud computers. No IT skills are required and we provide a handful of tutorials right here.

Do you provide virtual management software managed services?

V2 Cloud services come with technical support to help you with our product. However, if your needs are beyond our cloud computers, we have an extended network of partners worldwide to assist you. And if you’re an MSP, feel free to submit your application to partner with us!

Do I need your virtual management software to manage less than ten VMs?

You can use virtual management software for any number of machines. Some customers are managing more than a hundred VM at the same time and you can scale your cloud infrastructure to fit your needs.

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