Virtual Machine Hosting

Virtual machines (VM) are only as good as the hosting environment they occupy. Fast and reliable, they require an equally fast and reliable virtual machine hosting environment. V2 Cloud provides exceptional virtual machine performance.

Our uptime and app performance ensures all your users work at near-real-time speed. If you need virtual machine hosting that delivers results, don’t compromise on performance. Sign up for a risk-free trial today.

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Why Virtual Machine Hosting ?

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Keep your data safe

If you host any kind of virtual machines in the cloud, you doubtless use virtual machine hosting. However, not all VM hosting solutions are equal. Some have a lag when loading machines, while others need sophisticated technical skills to scale resources upwards or downwards.

Virtual machine hosting made simple

If you are looking for a virtual machine hosting solution, you need one that helps you achieve your daily tasks effortlessly. We’ve built our product to ensure that even non-technical people can easily operate their cloud resources. Whether you are an IT manager or run a small business, our solution can help you deploy high-performing Windows virtual machines within minutes.

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Straightforward VM Hosting for All

Multi-OS Hosting

V2 Cloud makes it easy to host different operating systems within one environment. On our Windows virtual machine hosting environment, you can host different versions of Windows to ensure backward compatibility with your apps. Upgrades are also easy within our hosting environment.

Daily Backups

All our VM hosting plans come with standard daily snapshot backups. Instead of having to configure backups manually, you can rely on our out-of-the-box daily backups. You can also configure your own backup sequence either to our cloud VM infrastructure or to a remote backup location of your choosing.

Access Control

V2 Cloud comes with full admin control and visibility of your entire network of virtual machines. With this feature, you can access, manage, and troubleshoot any machine on your network without needing permissions from individual VM users.

Global Access

Our global data centers come in handy when you need to segregate your network, restrict network access, and enable remote application access. Our plans come with global teleportation so you can set up and deploy your virtual machines on any data centers worldwide.

One-click Scaling

Since we understand that you may need to scale up or scale down your cloud VM hosting, we’ve made it easy to do so from your admin console. Forget about contacting support to scale you up or down. Our product comes with one-click up-scale and down-scale options, so you are always in control of your cloud resources.

Ransomware Protection

While virtual machines are well known to be resistant to viruses and malware, we’ve added extra protection against ransomware. All virtual machines hosted in our environment are remotely backed up, so all your files remain accessible and safe from any form of a ransomware attack.

Why We’re Better

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99.9% Uptime

If you need always-on access to your VM network, you need a hosting solution with exceptional uptime. V2 Cloud virtual machine hosting guarantees 99.9% network uptime, so you know your machines will always be accessible.

Fastest Virtual Machines

Slow virtual machines can cripple performance and demoralize your staff. Virtual machines hosted on V2 Cloud are served using fast, optimized network infrastructure, ensuring faster machines and apps. V2 Cloud hosted virtual machines give your users a near-similar experience to using a physical device.

Admin Control

Our admin console is configured to give you all the control you need to manage your entire VM network. This is useful if you manage multiple departments or different clients. Instead of having separate accounts for each, you can manage them all from a single place.

Lower IT Costs

VM hosting significantly lowers your IT costs. Instead of purchasing multiple machines, which need servicing and repair, VMs eliminate all this to reduce your overall IT spend. V2 Cloud virtual machine hosting is designed to help you maximize the effectiveness of your IT resources while lowering your costs.


VM hosting offers scalability, which is essential for any business that wants more control over their IT resources. V2 Cloud makes it easy to scale your resources as your user base grows. Need to downscale? No problem. You can do all this from your admin control console.

Fanatical Technical Support

V2 Cloud is fanatical about support. When you host your HIPAA compliant VMs with us, we’ll be on standby in case you need technical support. Whether that support means migrating your apps, upgrades, installing new apps, or adding virtual machines, we are always available to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What I can run on the V2 Cloud virtual machine hosting environment?

A virtual machine hosting environment provides computing resources to support a virtualized instance of creating a software-based virtual version of a computer that can perform almost all the same functions as a computer. The V2 Cloud virtual machine hosting environment currently supports Windows machines, and it can run applications and operating systems, store data, connect to networks, and do other computing functions. In addition, the V2 Cloud virtual machine hosting environment has features of daily backups, full admin controls, easy scaling, and ransomware protection.

How much storage does a virtual machine hosting plan come with?

All of our virtual machines come with 50GB of storage included, but you can choose how much storage your VMs have. You can also configure different cloud VMs in your network to have various storage capacities. This is useful in situations where different machines are used for different use cases (e.g., design department vs. accounting department). V2 Cloud virtual machine hosting has high scalability, which is important for any business or organization that wants more control over its IT resources as needed. And it is easy to upscale your storage as your business grows via a simple mouse click. Moreover, with V2 Cloud, you are able to downscale your IT resources from your admin control console as well.

Do you provide migration support from another virtual machine host?

Yes, we do. If your current VMs are hosted in another environment, our technical support team can help you migrate to our environment. We provide this as a free service once you purchase one of our cloud virtual machine hosting plans. V2 Cloud has free online chat, phone, and email support available 24/7 and we will be on standby in case you need technical support. We are always available to help whether that be application migration, application installing and upgrading, or adding virtual machines. If you need more details about how to migrate your virtual machine, you are welcome to contact our support team.

Can I add additional virtual machines from the control panel?

Yes, you can use the control panel to deploy and manage your virtual machines, and you also have access to cloud resources, user controls, billing, security setting, backups, and more. We understand that you may need to scale up or scale down your cloud virtual machine hosting, the control panel gives you full administrator access to all your virtual machines, and it is an easy tool to add or remove virtual machines. With a global view of all the computers in your network, you can selectively add or remove machines to VM groups in your networks as needed. V2 Cloud virtual machine hosting ensures that even non-technical people can easily operate their cloud resources. Again, if you have any issues with virtual machine management, please contact our support team. We are here to help you!

Does V2 Cloud virtual machine hosting have DDoS protection?

Yes, it does. We understand that you may have concerns about whether your data is safe in a cloud virtual machine. At V2 Cloud, data security is the number one priority we have to ensure our virtual machines are more secure than traditional desktop computers. Every virtual machine comes with an isolated private network without an incoming port open, and all public IPs and entire cloud VM hosting infrastructure have anti-DDoS protection. This means all your VMs are safe from DDoS attacks when hosted in our environment. Besides that, V2 Cloud virtual machine also has other security features: all-inclusive UFW firewall for each virtual machine, encrypted connection, full backups, and antivirus real-time protection.

Do I get root access with a V2 Cloud virtual machine hosting plan?

Yes, you have root access with our virtual machine hosting plan. We are providing one admin access per VM and you can give users admin permissions to multiple users. Again, V2 Cloud has free online chat, phone, and email support available 24/7 and we will be on standby in case you need technical support. We are always available to help whether that be virtual machine setup and configurations, application migration, or accessing virtual machines root. If you need more details about how to get root access to your virtual machine hosting, you are welcome to contact our support team.

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