Add users to an existing
Cloud Computer


In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a new user to your Cloud Computer. It will create a new desktop access with a new login. All users inside a Cloud Computer share the same set of installed applications and hard drive but all have their own respective desktop and private user folder.


From your Cloud dashboard click Actions – Manage Computer.


Click Add user access button.


Enter the email address of the user that will be needed to login. This field is required.

Enter the Windows account username for the user (e.g. csmith). The user won’t need this username to login however it will define his user folder (e.g. C:\Users\csmith)

This field is optional. If no username is entered the system will generate one automatically.

Enter full name of the user that will be shown upon login to the Cloud Computer. This field is optional.

If the Cloud Computer is joined to a domain (e.g. Active Directory) enter the name of the domain here. This field is optional.

Add a description that will be shown on the dashboard. This field is optional.

Enter a password for the user. This field is required and the requirements are:

Minimum 8 characters, maximum 12 characters, at least one (1) uppercase letter, one (1) lowercase letter and one (1) number.

With the Allowed access option you can give limited access to some users. For example some users might have access to only one application (e.g. Quickbooks) while others might have access to a full desktop session. By default users will receive a full desktop.

Checking the Administrator option will let the user install and remove applications and see other users files under the Cloud Computer.

Auto-login will generate a unique encrypted URL link that can be used to view the desktop instantly in a browser without entering any password. Only recommended for public system demonstrations.

Send credentials by Email will automatically send an email to the user with his password and login instructions.

Bulk add users can be used to upload a CSV to add multiple users at once. A sample CSV file can be downloaded and edited.

Once the Submit button is pressed the user will be created in the Cloud Computer. (can take up to 1 minute).

The user will then be able to login using his or her credentials at the main login page. or within the V2 Cloud Client for Windows and Mac.