Manage permissions of your
Cloud Computer

Step 1

To manage permissions of your Cloud Computer, click Actions – Manage computer from your Cloud dashboard.

Step 2

Go to the Permissions tab, here you can see the permissions the users have on your Cloud Computer. You can edit the permissions by selecting the Permission level, and then click Update.

The options available are:

Power: User can Power on, Power off and Reboot the cloud desktop from his/her cloud dashboard

Password: User can change the password of his cloud desktop’s user account from his/her cloud dashboard

Modify: User can upgrade or downgrade the hardware, add, remove and resize disks, add and remove hostname, change computer name, add and manage users. All new subscriptions and modifications to existing subscriptions are billed on the owner account (you).

Destroy: User can destroy the computer permanently.

Step 3

You can Add new permissions by selecting the Add new permissions button.

Step 4

Enter the email you want to set the permissions , then click on Submit.

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