How to Publish a Windows Application
on V2 Cloud


In this tutorial, you will learn how to use a remote app in your V2 Cloud cloud desktop. You can restrict your users access to specific applications only. They will not see a complete desktop, but only the applications you select for them.


Log in as Administrator on your Cloud computer.

In this example, we will use the Google Chrome application. Create a shortcut from the application
and place the shortcut in a folder in which all intended users have access to:


Go to the V2 Cloud Dashboard and click on the Apps tab. Then, click on Add a new remote application:

The fields need to be filled in the following way:

Name / Description
Path – You need to put the path where the shortcut is located. The best way to do it is with copy/paste:

Then, do the same with the name of the shortcut:

Once this is done, add .lnk at the end. It will look as on the image below:

Select Apply to all users if you would like the Remote App to be available to all users. If you want to enable the Remote App for a specific user only, leave this option unchecked.

Click Submit.


On the Dashboard, click on the Users tab:

Find the specific user and click on its Action button, then Edit user.

On the Remote apps drop-down menu, select Google Chrome: (You can select as many applications as you want and the user will be asked to choose which application to use after logging in with the V2 Cloud Desktop app.)

NOTE: Please wait 5 minutes before connecting to the user with the new remote app. The task takes some minutes to complete in our backend.

Click Submit.


Ask the user to log in and test the application. Once logged in, it will look like this:

If the user is assigned with more than one Remote App, this is how it will appear after logging in with the V2 Cloud Desktop app: