How to recover a file from
a snapshot


In this tutorial, you will learn how to recover a single file from your snapshots (backups). This is useful if you deleted a file by mistake and you want to recover it without reverting your whole drive to your previous snapshot. Click here if you want to revert your whole snapshot.


Go to your dashboard. Select Actions and then Manage computer


Click on Snapshots


Select the desired Snapshot. Then go to Actions, and select Browse files. This will virtually attach the snapshot and you will be able to see, share, and download all your files locally even if your Virtual Machine is powered off. It can take a few minutes to attach for the first time. This won’t use any storage on your Virtual Machine.


The Pencil icon will allow you to rename any file/folder. The Bin will allow you to delete a file and the Share icon to send the files/folders to someone with a link.

Pressing CTRL and selecting a file will make the Download button appears and it will download on your local PC in a ZIP format. You can select multiple files at once

NOTE: You can select an expiration date for the link you share and control the level of permissions.

You are done!