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How to Reduce RAM Memory Usage of Your Cloud Computer?

  • September 24, 2020
  • Author: V2 Cloud

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How to Reduce RAM Memory Usage
of Your Cloud Computer

In this tutorial, you will learn how to reduce your Memory (RAM) usage of your computer. Memory usage (RAM) can grow significantly depending on the number of users and the type of applications they use. When a Cloud computer reaches 95% memory usage, it will become slow and might refuse remote connections. We will send you a friendly notification at that time and you have 2 options in your V2 Cloud environment:

To see which user is using the most memory, right click on the Windows start menu icon at the bottom left and click Task manager

Then click on the Users tab

Even if a user is not connected or working, all the applications that are open in his/her desktop are using memory (RAM). You can logoff the user by right clicking on it and click Sign off.

Attention, this will close all their application and they might lose data if they have unsaved documents.

Alternatively, you can automatically sign off users after they have been disconnected for some time.

Google Chrome is known to be very intensive on memory. A user having multiple tabs of Chrome open for a long time will increase significantly the memory usage of your Cloud hosted desktop.

Keep in mind that sometimes the memory (RAM) is consumed by a system process (e.g. SQL server) rather than by a user session. You can see the memory usage of all processes under the Process tab.

Manually rebooting the computer will clear the memory of all processes and all users and Cloud Computers can also be automatically rebooted on schedule (e.g. every Saturday night when no one is working) to clear all the memory.

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