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How to setup Google SSO

  • January 13, 2022
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How to setup
Google SSO

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Google SSO setup with V2 Cloud. This is an identity management third party application. Once set up, it allows you to control everything your users can access from a single dashboard.

NOTE : Google SSO will not create the user within your Dashboard. You need to create a user first by following this tutorial. If you don’t create a user, you will have an error when you try to connect as Google doesn’t automatically provision users..


Connect to your Google admin dashboard ( On the left tab, navigate to Apps and then Web and mobile apps.

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Select Add App – Add custom SAML app. Name your app and add a logo (optional).

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Keep the previous page open and in a different tab; open your V2 Cloud Dashboard. Navigate to the SSO connector tab on your left and select Add a new SAML connector. Fill out the information as shown below. Click Submit in the Dashboard and continue in your Google Admin page.

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Link your new SSO connector to your VM. Select Actions – Link VMs and select the VM you want to connect to from the dropdown menu.

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Select Actions in your Dashboard and Display SP Config. Keep this page open and fill the information in the Google Admin page as shown below.

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Copy the information as shown below in your Google Admin dashboard. Check Signed Response

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Select Primary email in the attribute list and type email under App attributes. Click Finish.

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Select View Users Access and select ON for everyone to assign it to all your users. Click Save.

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Go to your V2 Cloud login page and select Login with SSO. You can then type your SSO identifier and enter your Google credentials.

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