Transfer files to your
Cloud Computer


In this tutorial, you will learn how to transfer files to your V2 Cloud cloud computer. Make sure you’re getting the right data in the right virtual machine.

1- Upload files from local PC to the Cloud

Drag and drop files from your local PC to the application. The files will be transferred in the ‘’Downloads’’ folder inside the Cloud computer

2- Upload files from Cloud to local PC

Right click on the file you want to download and click ‘’Download to local PC’’. The file will be downloaded to your local Downloads folder via the browser.

With RDP

Transfering files with RDP is even easier. You can simply Copy/Paste from your Virtual Machine to your local and vice versa for smaller files. For bigger files, your local drives are redirected to your Virtual Machine and will appear as normal drives. C on ROBIN is a drive on the local machine and it appears as a normal drive in the Virtual Machine. See picture below:

NOTE: You should use an FTP to transfer files bigger than 1GB.