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How to Use Bucket Storage

  • June 7, 2022
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How to Use Bucket Storage

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use V2 Cloud’s Bucket Storage feature. This is a less expensive way to add large amounts of storage to your cloud computers.

Common questions about our Bucket Storage:

Why the Bucket Storage instead of increasing the Primary Disk?

Cloud computers’ disks are limited to 1TB each, and they can become expensive at this capacity. Moreover, buckets can be shared among multiple Cloud computers at the same time, they are less expensive than VM disks and you only pay for what you use ($5 for each 50GB).

Is it included in my daily V2 Cloud backups with my Business plan?

No, your normal Business plan backups do not include your Bucket Storage.

Is it possible to backup with third-party software?

Yes. You can use third-party backup software for your Bucket Storage. We recommend the following software as we have tested them for you.

Can I use the same Bucket Storage on multiple Cloud Computers?

Yes, you can mount your Storage Bucket on all the cloud computers that appear in your Dashboard. No need to create a Network or to contact V2 Cloud.


As an Admin, log in to your Dashboard and select on the right tab: Storage Buckets.

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Select Add a new Storage Bucket and write a description. Click Submit.

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Click on Action and then Mount to a computer.

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Select the cloud computer from the dropdown menu you want to join the Bucket Storage. You can choose to mount the Bucket Storage as a drive or as a folder. Name your drive or enter the folder path and click on Submit. In this example, I am mounting it as a drive.

NOTE: You can mount it on multiple cloud computers at once.

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You should now see a + next to your Bucket Storage, and you can expand it to have more details.

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Connect to your cloud computer to verify the disk is added.

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You are done! You can now use your Bucket Storage as a normal drive.

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