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How to use OKTA SSO with V2 Cloud

  • December 9, 2020
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How to use OKTA SSO with
V2 Cloud

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure Okta SSO to work with V2 Cloud cloud computer.

Create an account on Okta or log in with your OKTA SSO credentials.


Click on the Applications and then Create App Integration.

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Select SAML 2.0 and click Next.

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In the App name type V2 Cloud and if you have a logo you can upload it under the App logo (optional).

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Fill the following fields as shown below

-into Single sign-on URL and Audience URL Paste “”

-On the Name ID format choose: Email Address

-Application username choose: Email

-Update application username

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Scroll down and input the following under Attribute Statements (optional) fields:

-under Name type “sp_name"

-under Value type “v2 cloud”

Press Next when done


On the next screen select “I’m an Okta customer adding an internal app” and click Finish.

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After you click Finish, scroll down to the SAML Signing Certificates and click on “View SAML setup
instructions”. Leave the SAML setup instruction page open and go to V2 Cloud Admin Dashboard.

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On the V2 Admin Dashboard under the General Tab, click on SSO Connectors and +Add a new SAML

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Fill in the information as seen below with the page you kept open from STEP 7. You have to copy everything and paste it here and after you are done, click Submit.

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Go back to Okta in the Admin tab under Applications and click on Assign Users to the App.

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Select the application and the users you want to assign to the V2 Cloud app you just created select them all and click Next

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Now go back to Applications – Select V2 Cloud and go to General. Scroll down and select Edit under SAML Settings.

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Now go to V2 Cloud Admin Dashboard, under General tab and SSO Connectors click on Actions, and click on the View SP Config.

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Copy the Audience tab and go back to OKTA SSO and under General, Settings, click Next and paste it under the Audience URI. Then Copy the Recipient and paste it under the Single Sign on URL. Press Next and on the next screen press Finish

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Go back to the V2 Cloud login page and select Login with SSO.

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Enter the name of the SSO Connector that you choose in STEP 9 (Okta here).

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Enter your username and click on the Next button.

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It will ask for your password and 2FA code after which you are done and you can log in to your Cloud computer. You can now use your Okta SSO credentials to login into the V2 Cloud

Note: Your end users can use their Okta Dashboard and under My Apps, they can connect to the V2 Cloud Cloud Computer.

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