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How to Use RDP to Connect to Windows Azure

  • April 20, 2022
  • Author: V2 Cloud

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How to Use RDP to Connect to
Windows Azure

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect to a VM in Azure, both from the local VM and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).


Log into your azure portal ( Click the Virtual machines icon under Azure services on your home dashboard. Or type “virtual machines” in the search bar then select it.

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Click on your desired VM from the list. In our case, our VM is “fwvkgn1”


Click Connect then click RDP from the drop-down list. Ensure that your VM is running.


Click Download RDP File. You can leave the IP address and RDP port 3389 at its default options. These were setup during the creation of your VM. However, keep in mind that those might cause security issues. You should keep RDP secure as much as possible.

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After the download has completed. Click the downloaded RDP file to launch the connection to your VM.

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Click Connect on the Remote Desktop Connection window. Note: The warning can be ignored because you know where this connection is coming from.

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Enter your desired credentials (username and password). If connecting for the first time use your Administrator account credentials that were set during the creation of your VM. Note this is a user account that was created on your local VM instance.

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Click Yes at the warning message about “The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified”. You know the identity, therefore this can be ignored.

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Your remote desktop connection will now begin to load as seen below.

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After authentication has been completed you will be successfully logged into your Windows Azure VM. As shown below.

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Congratulations you have now successfully logged on to your Azure VM via RDP.

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