Use Share View and see the
screen of your users


In this tutorial, you will learn how to view the screen of your remote desktops users. Only the admin of the cloud computer can use it. Share View is a feature that lets you see the screen of your users while they are working and take control over if needed. It is useful when supporting a user remotely without having to install a remote screen sharing software (e.g. TeamViewer). Share View makes collaboration easier.

Step 1

To use Share View locate your Cloud Computer then click Actions – Manage computer from your Cloud dashboard.

Step 2

Locate the user you want to see on the screen and click View

Step 3

Select if you want to view with the ability to control the screen or just monitor the actions of the user (without control).

Copy Link will generate a URL that you can share with others and Open Link will open the user’s screen directly. The URL will work until the user has logged out.

Important: The user must be using Web Connect (over the web browser) or the V2 Cloud client for Share View to work. At the moment it will not work if the user is using “Use RDP”.