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How does Ransomware work?

By: Classic Dias | Technical Writer, September 26th, 2019. What is Ransomware? Whether you're using the Office PC, your home tablet, or a virtual desktop, ransomware is one of the worst problems that you might have to encounter. Think of a situation where you would...

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What is cloud computing and how does it work

In this article, we will try to explain what is cloud computing in the simplest terms possible. We won't use the cloud terminologies that in most cases confuse people without technical backgrounds. In the end, you will understand: What is cloud computing The main...

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Why Most Small Businesses Move IT Operations To The Cloud

Instead of deploying an expensive on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure, SMBs are opting for a fully managed cloud WorkSpaces as a Service. Instant high-quality desktop delivery With V2 Cloud SMBs can securely deliver a high-quality cloud-based desktop experience...

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5 Reasons to Deploy V2 Cloud WorkSpaces Today

Small & Medium-Sized Businesses We securely host your cloud computers, so they are always optimal and accessible. Everything is automatically backed-up every day, and you have full admin control. V2 Cloud WorkSpaces features a multi-user windows operating system with...

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Cloud VDI: Comparing On-Premises vs Cloud Workspaces

The changing employee behaviors in the modern workplace is gradually curtailing the need for traditional desktop infrastructures. The agile working policy seems to be the new norm for millions of workers preferring remote work to four walls of traditional office...

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How To Secure RDP Sessions From MitM Attacks

RDP- The Remote Desktop Protocol This is a network communications protocol by Microsoft for remote access and management of remote server, virtual desktops, terminal servers, and applications. RDP sessions run via an encrypted channel which is meant to prevent...

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