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Windows365 Alternative: Fully Managed Solution for Delivering Windows Applications and Desktops

Move to V2 Cloud, the best Windows 365 Cloud PC alternative, to streamline the deployment and management of virtual desktops. Our fully integrated Desktop-as-a-Service solution accelerates time-to-value, reduces implementation efforts and lowers cost.

Windows 365 vs V2 Cloud

Simplicity and Flexibility

Windows 365 is optimized for simplicity, sacrificing features such as multi-session desktops, remote app streaming, and consumption-based pricing. V2 Cloud’s offering can deliver a solution just as simple for the end-users, without compromising on functionality and efficiency.

Expert-Tailored Solutions

V2 Cloud offers the best Windows 365 Cloud PC alternative that leverages in-depth VDI expertise to assess your requirements and help you determine the adequate CPU, RAM, storage, and number of VMs, as well as providing a clear and proven roadmap for provisioning the services. Rather than configuring your own self-serve Windows 365 environment just to find out you’ve over or underestimated, V2 Cloud can help you create a cost-optimized environment from the get-go.

Fair and Proportionate Pricing

Windows 365 Cloud PC offers a simple, yet expensive pricing plan. The cost for the infrastructure management carried out by Microsoft to deliver the solution in a Desktop-as-a-Service model is passed on to the end user, whilst activities such as backups and endpoint security are still the customer’s responsibility.

V2 Cloud’s DaaS solution has a fair and balanced pricing model, ensuring costs are proportionate to the needs and requirements of your business with no hidden fees, no up-front costs, and no minimum order-requirements.

Features Comparison

FeatureV2 CloudWindows 365 Cloud PC
Comprehensive Remote AdministrationYes
Easily manage users and associated permissions from a simple dashboard
Administrators can build and assign PCs to users from a single dashboard
Multiple users per VMYes
V2Cloud can support multi-session desktops
Windows 365 allows one user per license and doesn’t support multiple users on a single Cloud PC.
Unlimited NetworkingYes
Unlimited bandwidth and unmetered internet is provided, allowing users to get on with their work uninterrupted
Outbound data volume limits apply depending on the size of the VM
Easy Installation and SetupYes
Setup and deploy a VM in minutes using templates and simplified setup processes without complex training and documentation
Windows 365 setup and licensing is simple and does not require in-depth VDI expertise
Comprehensive SecurityYes
Effective and maintainable security with built-in encryption, strong data policies, automated firewalls and AV implementations alongside off-site backups
Comprehensive security infrastructure with adequate encryption, controls and policies suitable for large customers
High PerformanceYes
Persistent desktops, device-independent GUIs and 24-hour availability on VM’s provides high performance to users
High performance is achievable with ease, providing device-independent GUIs and desktop persistence.
Simple App and Desktop DeliveryYes
Pre-configured RDP clients, includes app virtualization and remote VM access, all available without the need for a complex plugin
Delivered manually for Business plans, or via Microsoft Endpoint Manager for Enterprise plans*not sure*
Appropriate Desktop and App ManagementYes
Easily manage, deploy, monitor and maintain desktops and applications whilst having access to comprehensive monitoring
Applications and desktops can be managed, deployed and maintained with ease, allowing a comprehensive array of different services to be accessible
Fully integrated solutionsYes
The end-to-end solutions are made-to-measure and include daily backups, professional antivirus management, SSO integration, and VPN connectivity for Hybrid environments.
W365 solely provides the DaaS solution, other add-on services available via the wider Azure portfolio
Access to Managed ServicesYes
Fully-managed setup, backup management, software and hardware upgrades are included in the base offering
Base offering is developed around a self-service model
Wide Array of Pre-Installed SoftwareYes
Access to Microsoft Windows, Office, anti-virus and more is included
Windows OS and O365 available as part of the offering, subject to available licenses
Reliable Customer SupportYes
Our wholly dedicated support team ensures outstanding support at no extra cost via multiple channels, including online chat, phone and email support. Response times within minutes
Support channels depend on purchase medium (self service, CSP, etc), communication based on ticketing
Appropriate ScalabilityYes
Autoscale up or down as and when required
Solution can only be scaled manually by purchasing new licenses and creating new VMs

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Windows365 Cloud PC

Factors for Deciding on a Windows 365 Alternative

Remote Desktop Optimization

FactorsV2 CloudWindows 365

Remote Desktop Optimization

For a cost-effective and high-performance DaaS solution, simplicity and functionality go hand-in-hand. Windows 365 has been designed around a simple self-service model, which can only be achieved by limiting functionalities. This approach lowers the potential to optimize environments, which may end up costing much more compared to other DaaS solutions. Our Windows 365 Cloud PC alternative solution delivers both simplicity and functionality by adding a managed service and technical support wrap around a fully-featured virtual desktop solution. End customers can benefit from an optimized environment without having to deal with setup, management and troubleshooting.

Self-Service vs. Managed Service

FactorsV2 CloudWindows 365
Self-servicing is a great model for IT administrators who are plugged in and up to date to the wider business decisions. In instances where demand for computing is clear with respect to number of users, timeframes, applications and use cases, self-service is an excellent choice for IT administrators to manage remote desktops on demand. In instances where the business requirements for remote desktops are not well defined, a reputable vendor can help walk through the solution details and help create a flexible solution that can adjust as the requirements change.

Multi-Cloud Environments

FactorsV2 CloudWindows 365
Choosing a Windows 365 alternative solution is tightly dependent on your existing on-premise and cloud infrastructure. Windows 365 is a promising solution for customers whose whole estate is Microsoft and Azure based. If your environments span from on-premise applications to AWS, GCP and several SaaS applications, V2 Cloud can help you develop a solution suited specifically for your environment.

Budget and Pricing Models

Pricing models will determine whether a solution can be financially suitable or not. Windows 365 alternative solutions should offer proportionate pricing with respect to your budget and usage.

V2 Cloud Pricing

Ensures fees are fair by having no hidden costs, no minimum order, no required contract and no up-front fees. V2 Cloud is a great Windows 365 alternative for businesses which require predictable pricing and smaller budgets.

Windows 365 Pricing

Simple pricing based on VM configuration. The SaaS-based design of the solution pushes the price higher for end-customers. Inflexible with respect to consumption-based billing, limited to one user per VM.

V2 Cloud Differentiating Features


We maintain high performance using SSDs, device-independent GUIs and 24x7 availability.

Integrated Security

V2 Cloud’s offering includes endpoint protection, firewalls and off-site backups.

Unlimited Support

We provide free of charge, round-the-clock support for your IT team via multiple channels, including online chat, email and phone.

Easy Deployment

V2 Cloud runs in the browser, no installation required, no complex VPN setups. Get set up and running in as little as 20 minutes

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Other Windows 365 Alternatives

Fierce competition in the VDI and DaaS space empower customers to choose the solution which best fits their budget and requirements.Here are some vendors which V2 Cloud consider to be reputable alternatives to Windows 365.

AWS Workspaces

Good alternative solution to Windows 365 for organizations who already have an existing AWS Cloud estate


VMWare Horizon

A well-known Windows 365 Cloud PC alternative, VMware Horizon offers comprehensive features and multiple deployment models

Windows Virtual Desktops

Azure’s VDI platform can be tightly integrated with the wider Microsoft portfolio

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