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Hybrid Cloud

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Hybrid cloud is a cloud environment that is created by combining public and private cloud infrastructures. Hybrid infrastructure provides the benefit of both public and private cloud models, giving the ability to create more innovative applications with uncertain demands.

In this cloud computing model, the private cloud is hosted on-premise and the public cloud is provided by a third-party cloud service provider (CSP). The client organization can utilize both public and private clouds based on their application requirements and delivery needs. V2 Cloud, Amazon, Microsoft Google, and HP are some of the top hybrid cloud service providers.

The features of a hybrid cloud

These are some of the common features of hybrid cloud models.

  • The organization’s data and applications can be shared between the private and public clouds. The data stored in the public cloud is multi-tenant and can be accessed publicly. The data stored in the private cloud is single-tenant and it is kept privately and more securely.
  • The cloud services enabled through the private cloud can only be accessed through the private network and the publicly accessible services are delivered through the public cloud.
  • The data center can be deployed on either the private cloud or the public cloud depending on the organizational requirements.
  • The client organization needs to have an administrator with authorized access to control the private cloud and the CSP operates the public cloud.
  • The organization provides the hardware resources for the private cloud infrastructure including the network whereas the CSP provides the hardware resources and the infrastructure for the public cloud.

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